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  • msp-data Underwater pipelines

    Submarine pipelines for the transportation of hydrocarbons in the Emilia-Romagna, Marche and Veneto marine area
  • msp-data Offshore sand dredged

    The Adriatic studied sand deposits map with two layers: a)The potentially sand resources(offhore sand deposits); b) the dredged areas already exploited (offshore sand dredged)....
  • msp-data Seabed Habitats

    Seabed Habitats was initiated in EMODnet Phase I (2009-2013) through the EUSeaMap project. During the current Phase III (2017-2020), Seabed Habitats will extend the work carried...
  • msp-data Main Ports Statistics 2015-2016 -Emodnet

    The geodatabase on maritime transport in EU main ports includes goods, passengers and vessels traffic in the EU and was created in 2014 by Eurofish and Cogea for the European...
  • msp-data Hydrocarbon extraction platform - Italy (Emodnet)

    Offshore infrastructures for the exploitation of the natural resources stored in the seabed. The platforms can be single well or connected to others of the same type to forming...
  • msp-data Wind Power Stations in Greece

    Wind Power stations classified in: - Installation Licence - Operational Licence - Production Licence - Rejected - Under Evaluation. The dataset is accessible through the Map...
  • msp-data 12 nautical miles from the coast - terrestrial waters

    Vector (polygon) featuring Italian marine waters between the coastline and 12 nautical miles offshore.
  • msp-data 6 nautical miles from the coast

    Vector (polygon) featuring Italian marine waters between the coastline and 6 nautical miles offshore
  • msp-data 4 nautical miles from the coast

    Vector (polygon) featuring Italian marine waters between the coastline and 4 nautical miles offshore
  • msp-data 3 nautical miles from the coast

    Vector (polygon) featuring marine waters between the coastline and 3 nautical miles offshore
  • msp-portal SHAPE Adriatic Atlas

    The Adriatic Atlas is designed as a tool for storing, visualizing and managing all those data that are necessary in order to implement the Integrated Coastal Zone Management...
  • msp-data Military permanent

    Military permanent training areas (land to sea and sea to land) according to the 2013 prefaction of the notice to Mariners (PREMESSA AGLI AVVISI AI NAVIGANTI 2013 - Istituto...
  • msp-portal ADRIPLAN Data Portal

    The ADRIPLAN Data Portal is a collaborative platform making accessible data, services and tools to support Maritime Spatial Planning processes implementation in the Adriatic and...
  • msp-data LBA - SHYFEM 2016 - N-P total / Plume / Organic matter

    Land Based Activities - SHYFEM simulation for N-P total / Plume / Organic matter
  • msp-data Cruise Ports (Italy, 2015)

    GIS data on Italian Cruise ports with cruise vessels traffic data (in unit and gross tonnage thousands) for 2015. Original data is reported quarterly by EUROSTAT, but has been...
  • msp-data Pelagic pair trawl (PTM) "Volanti" (swept km) - 2015

    Pelagic pair trawl (PTM) "Volanti" (swept km) from AIS 2015.
  • msp-portal PERSEUS Oceanographic Mediterranean and Black Sea Data Management

    This dataset has no description

  • msp-data Submarine Telecommunication Cables

    The dataset on submarine telecom cables was created by Cogea in 2014 for the European Marine Observation and Data Network. The underlying data is property of Telegeography and...
  • msp-portal National Geoportal (IT)

    As a huge on line geographic atlas including the cartography available on italian areas, from which to get tons of information on the main environmental and territorial themes:...
  • msp-tool AquaSpace

    The AquaSpace tool was developed within the EU Horizon 2020 project AquaSpace in order to achieve an effective implementation of MSP for aquaculture by adopting an Ecosystem...