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  • msp-data Aquaculture (Friuli Venezia Giulia - 2014)

    Marine areas relating to the bivalve molluscs breeding aquaculture (mainly Mithylus galloprovincialis), extracted from SHAPE Project.
  • msp-data Aquaculture (Veneto - June 2014)

    Current (last update June 2014) aquaculture areas concessions in the sea (Veneto Region).
  • msp-data Mussel farming vessels - 2015

    Mussel farming vessels: vessels supporting the shellfish activity (operations) from AIS 2015.
  • msp-data Aquaculture (Emilia-Romagna - 2014)

    State maritime areas for mussels and clams farms. The coordinates of the farms have been provided by the Development Service of the Fish Economy and of the animal production...
  • msp-portal SHAPE Adriatic Atlas

    The Adriatic Atlas is designed as a tool for storing, visualizing and managing all those data that are necessary in order to implement the Integrated Coastal Zone Management...
  • msp-portal ADRIPLAN Data Portal

    The ADRIPLAN Data Portal is a collaborative platform making accessible data, services and tools to support Maritime Spatial Planning processes implementation in the Adriatic and...
  • msp-portal Coexist

    The project "COEXIST - interaction in coastal waters" is a broad, multidisciplinary project which will evaluate competing activities and interactions in European coastal areas....
  • msp-portal EEA Data and Maps

    Portal of the European Environment Agency containing static and interactive data, maps and graphs subdivided per different environmental topics.