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  • msp-data Restocking Zones

    Structures and areas dedicated to fish restocking and nuersery protection.
  • msp-data O&G requested extraction concession areas - Italy

    In the research permit areas, in addition to the acquisition of geophysical data, it is possible to carry out one or more exploration wells; if the exploration well is...
  • msp-data Corine Land Cover beaches Calabria

    Strato informativo della Carta Uso del Territorio "Zone aperte con vegetazione rada o assente", riguardante i seguenti tematismi:Spiagge, dune e sabbie;Rocce nude, falesie,...
  • msp-data Corine Land Cover: Corpi Idrici Calabria

    Strato informativo della Carta Uso del Territorio "Acque marittime", riguardante i seguenti tematismi:Lagune, laghi e stagni costieri; Estuari e delta
  • msp-data Pipelines Italy (schematic)

    The data comes from the website of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, its contain only the schematic routes between marine platforms and marine platforms and storage...
  • msp-data O&G research permit areas - Italy

    Permits for the exploration of oil and gas in the Italian terrestrial area and continental shelf. The vector data is created starting from information given by the Italian...