Bathing water quality on Montenegrin beaches

Public enterprise for coastal zone management realizes annual monitoring programs of bathing water quality on public beaches along the Montenegro sea coast during the summer season in accordance with Classification and categorization of surface and ground waters act (Official Gazette of Montenegro 02/07). According to the Article 13 of this Act, waters that are used for bathing and recreation are divided in two classes: K1 class - excellent K2 class - satisfactory

For marine coastal waters, the limiting values of parameters are: Parameter Measuring units
Intestinal enterococci /100 ml: K1-100 K2-200 Escherichia coli /100 ml: K1-250 K2-500

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      Temporal extent 2011-05-01
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      Additional information 1. Publication General Vulnerability Assessment ENG_Summary_Final: 2.Publication National strategy for integrated coastal zone management for Montenegro (CAMP):
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