CAMP Montenegro (2013): Land use Map for the Coastal Area (Synthesis Map)

SHP file contains one layer (polyline, 7622 records). Legend is based on categorized symbology by following seven colors: yellow = 1 (residential area), red = 2 (tourism) light purple = 3 (touristic settlement) dark purple = 4 (industry, production) white = 5 (mixed purposes) light green = 9 (landscape maintenance) grey = 9b (technical / communal infrastructure) light blue = 9c (protected cultural assets) Content of this SHP is also associated to the Map for Conflicting Areas visually available (only) at

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Field Value
Partner PP7
Topic category
  • Tourism & recreation
  • Coastal land uses/activities
  • Spatial policy
Sub category Recreation and touristic areas and facilities
Resource language Montenegro
Domain area Montenegro terrestrial area
Owner Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro
Provider Government of Montenegro_ Directorate for Space Planning _MORT
Data portal Geoportal_GIS database CAMP Montenegro
Presentation form Map (map represented in raster or vector form)
Spatial representation Vector - polygon
Coordinate reference system
    epsg:32634 - WGS 84 / UTM zone 34N
    Web services
    • OGC-WMS
    • OGC-WFS
    • Other
    Temporal extent
    Data accessibility Downloadable Sent on request. Request for further use (editing, publishing) of the SHP is required (Re: Ministry Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro, Directorate for Space Planning)
    Validation level Official data
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        Metadata completeness Complete
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