AIS data on maritime traffic density per types of vessels (Other, Fishing, Service, Dredging or underwater ops, Sailing, Pleasure Craft, High speed craft, Tug and towing, Passenger, Cargo, T anker, Military and Law Enforcement, Unknown and All ship types)

EMODnet Vessel Density Map were created by Cogea in 2019 in the framework of EMODnet Human Activities, an initiative funded by the EU Commission. The maps are based on AIS data purchased by CLS and show shipping density in 1km*1km cells of a grid covering all EU waters (and some neighbouring areas). Density is expressed as hours per square kilometre per month. The following ship types are available:0 Other, 1 Fishing, 2 Service, 3 Dredging or underwater ops, 4 Sailing, 5 Pleasure Craft, 6 High speed craft, 7 Tug and towing, 8 Passenger, 9 Cargo, 10T anker, 11 Military and Law Enforcement, 12 Unknown and All ship types. Data are available by month of year. Yearly averages are also available.

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Field Value
Partner LP
Topic category Maritime transport and traffic flows
Sub category Maritime traffic
Resource language English
Domain area European Seas Extended
Owner Emodnet Human Activities
Provider Emodnet Human Activities
Data portal EMODnet Human Activities
Presentation form Map (map represented in raster or vector form)
Spatial representation Raster (grid)
Coordinate reference system epsg:3035 - ETRS89 / LAEA Europe
Web services OGC-WMS
Esri compatible GIS files (Geodatabase or Shapefile)
Temporal extent 2017-01-01
Data accessibility
Validation level Official data
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    • T1.6-MUSC
    • T1.8-AZA
    • T1.10-Oil Spill
    • T1.11-SSF
    • T1.12-MSF
    Metadata completeness Complete
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