Montenegro_CLC2000 (Montenegrin coast)

On this page you find all EEA content that is exclusively about Montenegro. Other products which contain information on Montenegro, among others, may be found through our global search. Comparing all three analytical periods of CLC changes, shows a slightly increasing trend in intensity of landscape
development in Montenegro. However, with an annual land
cover change rate of 0.06%, the overall pace of land cover
development in the country is still very low in the European context. Artificial development shows an increasing trend, with an annual land take rateof 0.55%, which is one of the highest
rates in Europe.
The main drivers of urban extension are sprawl of mines and quarrying areas and of sport and leisure facilities. On the other hand, the intensity of agricultural development is rather low, with prevailing share of internal conversions, in particular conversion from pasture to arable or crop land.

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