Maps are Biocenosis of Kotorsko-Risanski Gulf, Ratca, Platamina and the Sea bed Montenegro Adriatic Sea (2012)

OLDER RAC SPA KOTORSKO RISANSKI is from the project: RAC / SPA - UNEP / MAP. 2013. Ecological quantitative description of Boka Kotorska Bay marine area Montenegro). By Golder Associ¬ates. Editors. RAC / SPA - MedMPAnet Project, Tunisia.

FOLDER GREEN HOME 3K STATIONS COMBINED Map of marine habitats and species in the submarine part of Cape Arza to Cape Platamuni (2017) Mapping of species and habitats was carried out within the framework of the project "Mapping, Monitoring and Management of the Protected Cross-Border Natura 2000 Network at Sea - 4M" (IPA Cross-Border Programs Croatia - Montenegro 2007-2013 under the Instrument for Pre-Acession Assistance). The 4M project is managed by the European Union Delegation to Montenegro and the Agency for Regional Development of the Republic of Croatia, implemented by Green Home and Agency for Environmental Protection of Crna Gore, Sun Association and the Public Institution for the Management of Protected Natural Values ​​of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County.


Start up of "Katič" MPA in Montenegro and assessment of marine and coastal ecosystems along the coast. (Ministry of Refresher Development and Tourism CG and Ministry of Environment of the Land and Sea of ​​Italy, 2011).

FOLDER RAC SPA PLATAMUNI and FOLDER RAC SPA RATAC are from the same project: UNEP / MAP-RAC / SPA, 2016. Montenegro: Platamuni and Ratac areas. Mapping of marine key habitats and initiation of monitoring network. By Torchia G., Pititto F., Rais C., Trainito E., Badalamenti F., Romano C., Amosso C., Bouafif C., Dragan M., Camisassi S., Tronconi D., Macic V., Sghaier YR & Ouerghi A. Ed. RAC / SPA - MedKeyHabitats Project, Tunisia: 77 pp + Annexes.

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