O&G research permit areas - Italy

Permits for the exploration of oil and gas in the Italian terrestrial area and continental shelf. The vector data is created starting from information given by the Italian Ministery of Economic Development (MISE). Exclusive mining titles that can be approved in areas with a maximum extension of 750 km2; the same area can be requested by several oil operators under competitive conditions. In addition to the first 3-year period, there are two possibilities for further extension periods of 3 years each; the suspension of the time period is also provided for reasons reasons. In the research permit, in addition to the acquisition of geophysical data, it is possible to carry out one or more exploration wells; In the positive case, a new field has been identified, the operator can present an application for a concession at the field itself.

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Partner LP
Topic category Oil and gas
Sub category Research areas
Resource language Italian
Domain area Italian Seas,Italian terrestrial area
Owner Italian Ministry of Economic Development
Provider Emilia-Romagna Region
Data portal WebGIS DGS-UNMIG
Presentation form Map (map represented in raster or vector form)
Spatial representation Vector - polygon
Coordinate reference system epsg:4326 - WGS84 (degree)
Web services Other
Temporal extent
Data accessibility In the portal of the Ministry of Economic Development, data can be downloaded in .kml, .xlsx, .csv, .xml and .pdf format.
Validation level Official data
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