Photophile algae, coraligenic habitats, posidonium, caves and sea bottom sandy, pebbly, rocky Montenegrin coast

The collection of data on habitats and species in the submarine area from Cape Arza to Platamun was done by field work in the period from 08th to 11th September and from 25th September to 02th of 10th of 2016. Fieldwork was realized in the organization of NGO Green Home, with participation in the research of volunteers and partners - Sun Association and Public Management Institutes natural values ​​of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County. Mapping done at this stage Designing is necessary for monitoring and drafting measures for overcoming Natura 2000 areas. Maps, databases and documents with management measures will be the basis for the development of future Marine Protected Management Plans areas. Montenegro still has no protected marine area, but the Montenegrin Government will in future be obliged to define them, as well as Natura 2000, local communities, which are required to take pre-accession procedures in the EU. In that regard, we think it will The project result in a significant degree facilitates future activities that are established within protected areas Due to the characteristic features of the coast and the solid bottom of the area, large areas of the same border with the mediolitorum up to about 30m deep are represented by this biocenosis. There are many species of organisms in this belt dominated by photo-algae algae, most often builders of appropriate associations. Because of different micro conditions, different associations and facies are developed, and we present them individually.

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